October 26, 2012

First Day in Paris - Week 9

Some pictures of Trevor's first day in Paris. After a 10 hour flight, all the new missionaries look pretty rested and happy to be there. They landed at 10:45 in the morning and then off to the mission home for food, introductions, interviews with the Mission President, and dinner out at a restaurant. The next morning, they met their new companions and learned where their first area will be. Strasbourg ... here he comes!

Meeting President Poznanski for the first time.

A mission tradition: To welcome the new missionaries, Sister Poznanski gives them French pastries - pains au chocolat!

Outside the Mission Home.

Meeting the APs and waiting to be interviewed by President Poznanski.

First meal in France. And do you notice what they are eating? Cheeseburgers and fries! So American ... okay, except for the French fries.

Trevor meeting his first companion, Elder Dunn. Please take good care of my son, Elder Dunn!

Meeting the new companions.