February 11, 2013

Corn-fed Americans - Week 25

Hello, hello! Happy Chinese New Year to you all. This was a particularly advantageous week to have a Laotian companion, because we got to do our fair share of celebrating the Year of the Serpent. Last P-Day, we found an Asian store full of interesting things like fish heads and chicken feet, and we bought all the necessary ingredients for Elder Manivanh to go crazy with his Asian cuisine for a few days. It's been a good week of enjoying homemade egg rolls, rice, and spicy things. He likes making really spicy food "like his mama made." I'm not complaining because it's usually pretty good.

Saturday was kind of a bummer at the beginning. We started the day with a handful of rendez-vous scheduled with investigators, and one-by-one, they all fell through, rescheduled or canceled on us. By the time we reached our last scheduled lesson with our investigator named 'F', we were really hoping it would go through. Sure enough, he texted us a few minutes before we got to his apartment to tell us he couldn't be there. Having nothing else to do for the night, we went and started knocking on some doors until, suddenly, 'F' called us back and told us he was going to try to make it to our lesson.

Lo and behold, he made it to the lesson, and we went to Subway to teach him. It's not the most ideal teaching atmosphere, but it's one of the few warm places that doesn't charge 5 euros for a drink. There, he told us that he always feels different/good when he talks to us, and he wants to join our church. We set a baptismal date with him in March. This is especially interesting when some background is added. After he committed to be baptized, he asked us why Mormons dress differently. Apparently, he thought that all Mormons were required to wear missionary clothes (a shirt and tie) for the rest of their lives. -News Flash- ... we don't. I guess he would have been okay with it though, because he found out we wear normal things AFTER he said he would be baptized.

Even though it's been freezing cold outside, we've been able to do some decent contacting. Remember the guy I talked to who said he believes in water? Well, this week, we met someone who doesn't believe in God, but believes in the "power of music." 

This Wednesday, the missions of Paris and Lyon are teaming up to have a super inter-mission finding day. Basically, all the missionaries in Switzerland, France, Belgium and Luxembourg will be doing all the same finding activities at the exact same time. That should be pretty cool.

Yesterday was ward conference, so we had a ward meal after the church meetings. Luckily, we have Italians, Portuguese and French people who all cooked for it, so we had quite the array of fantastic food. Later that day, Elder Manivanh and I went to the Malagasy family again and sure enough, we had another unexpected buffet of African food. This time, they stepped up their game and had multiple courses, with dessert  and hot chocolate at the end. In the middle of the meal, they told us that they had figured out why Americans are so much taller than everyone else in the world. Apparently, it's because we eat a lot of corn and since corn plants are tall, eating corn makes us tall. Elder Manivanh has taken to calling me "corn-fed" from now on. "Hey, corn-fed ... do we have any more cold milk?" That's me.

That's about all I've got for you for this week. The transfer email goes out this Saturday, so I'll let you know where I'm going!

Stay classy,

Elder Wilson