August 12, 2013

Close, But No Cigar - Week 51

Here's a birthday shout-out to Elder Davis, who lives in the apartment with me and turned the big 2-0 yesterday. Elder Wood and I made him a birthday cake on Saturday night and attacked him with glow sticks and finger lights as we presented it to him when he got home. It was a good time.

SO as you can see from the pictures that mother will undoubtedly attach to the email (hint hint, mother), Elder Wood and I went to the Atomium last week for P-day. Basically, it's a big famous monument thing shaped like an iron atom that was built in the 1950's. It's kind of like the Eiffel Tower of Belgium. We got to go inside all the tubes and spheres, and they had exhibits and flashing lights going through the whole thing. Also, the fastest elevator in Europe took us up to the top. After, we went to Mini-Europe, which is a little amusement park thing with all the monuments of Europe ... only miniature. It's kind of like we went on a trip through every major city on the continent in an hour.

Anyway, back to life and the real world outside of Mini-Europe. We went and taught the family from Tonga again. They're the best. We walked into their apartment, and they fed us half of an apple pie as an hors d'oeuvre. Sure, Elder Wood and I may have regretted the calories, but it was delicious. 

The next day was transfer day, which didn't really affect us much because the four of us in the apartment all stayed together. Well, it shouldn't have affected us much. We went to the train station with the expectation of babysitting Elder Ensign for the day while he waited for his new companion to come from Paris. When we walked in the central part of the station, however, we were greeted by a dozen missionaries who were all waiting for their companions too, and we had the privilege of figuring out what to do with them since we were the only Brussels Elders present. It all worked out though.

Later that day, we got a phone call from the Leuven Elders, who are the Dutch speakers in the Netherlands mission up north that we sometimes give referrals to. I picked up the phone, and it was none other than Elder Thueson, a friend from high school who's in the Netherlands mission. "Elder Wilson! I can't believe it's you! I'm in Brussels to do Belgium legality right now! We'll be at the train station in an hour, is there any way we could meet up?" It just-so-happened that we had to be in the train station in an hour to drop off Elder Ensign, so we were in luck.

We got to the station and called back Elder Thueson.

"Hey! I'm here in front of a restaurant called Panos!"
"Wait ... so am I! But I don't see you ..."
"What do you mean?"

Well, we eventually figured out that we were both at the train station in Brussels, but we were at two different train stations. Bummer. We were so close to having a really cool picture together. Maybe next time.

In other news, we were knocking on doors and a white, normal, sane Belgian guy answered the door. He told us something we've never really heard before from someone like him: "Yeah, come in! I'm interested in having you answer my questions!" We taught him about the Book of Mormon, then taught about the Plan of Salvation a few days later. After we were done with the second lesson, he said something like, "Wow! Finally! You're the first religion I've heard of who has an intelligent idea of the plan of God! It's ... genius! Honey, come over here and take a look at this!" 

He called over his wife and started explaining the entire Plan of Salvation to her in a couple of minutes. "Yeah ... mmhmm ... that makes sense .... yes, I see ...." Long story short, we'll be over on Tuesday to answer questions. Wohoo!

And that's the latest and greatest in the land up north. 

Do a good turn daily.

Elder Wilson