October 13, 2013

Crossing the Border With a 135 Year Old Prince - Week 60

Hello world!

Elder Clarke and I decided that rules don't matter anymore, so instead of waiting for P-day to write emails, we're just doing it on Sunday.

I had better say I'm joking before I get struck by lightning. Actually, we're leaving bright and early tomorrow morning for St. Brieuc on the west coast of France. We'll be setting up an apartment for a new senior couple coming in next week. It was a bit last-minute, so we're having to take an emergency trip 5 hours away to build everything.

Anyway, back to the last six days.

Last Monday after emails, we ended up just going to the Louvre and taking a look at Mona Lisa, Venus de Milo, and a few other famous pieces of art. If you have the means to go, I would recommend it. Luckily, we get in to all the museums for free with our legality cards, so we can go as many times as we want.

As the office Elders, we take all of our road trips with and work with the Elder and Sister Prince. They're super cool and fun to hang out with. It was Elder Prince's birthday this past Wednesday, so I went ahead and made a cake for him. We went to the store to buy candles, and were stumped on how old he was turning, so we decided to go on the safe side and put a big number 35 on the cake. When his wife came in to see it, however, she said something to the effect of, "35? Ha, yeah right. More like 135. I think we have an extra number 1 candle in here somewhere." We worked extra hard to make it a surprise, but he accidentally walked in while we were lighting it. Surprise!

The next day, the 135 year-old Elder Prince and I took a trip up to Brussels. I'm surprised he's so mobile at his age. I had to go pick up my driver's license and he had to drop his off, so we got to spend a day in the city. It's only been like three weeks since I've seen the streets of Brussels, but it was fun to be back.

Since I got my license, I'm legal to drive again! It was exciting up until the moment when I saw how imposing of a task it is to maneuver a large van full to the brim with furniture through the narrow streets of Paris. I'm either going to be dead or have nerves of steel by the time I'm finished.

The day after the Brussels trip, we spent the whole day in IKEA to prepare for our big road trip this week. We bought all the furniture for the apartment, plus a few other beds and things for other missionaries. Sometimes we get a funny reaction from the cashier, kind of like a: "So let me get this straight. You two teenagers are going to take ALL of this furniture tonight, on your own? Just you? And you're going to pay for it too? Are you sure you don't want it delivered?"

Saturday night was a ward talent show, so the missionaries decided to do something together. We all got there halfway through, but we luckily found out that we were at the very end of the talent show. The sisters were going to plan something out, but ended up having 20 minutes right before to figure out what we were going to do for the ward. We put our minds together for a few minutes and decided just to sing a few songs for the ward. It wasn't exactly the best talent of the night, but we had a good time.

Lastly, we went to teach someone this week named 'P'. He's African and really interested, but he unfortunately speaks Portuguese ... ONLY Portuguese. I basically called him up and, upon realizing he didn't understand a word I said, just shouted out a day and a time. He said something in what I assumed to be an affirmative tone, and he was miraculously there. We taught him a lesson using pamphlets and the Book of Mormon in Portuguese, so we'll see how everything goes.

And there's your weekly summary! Hopefully we'll be able to do some cool things while we're out in Brittany for the week, so stay tuned for more. Have a good one!

Elder Wilson