December 23, 2013

Christmas with Louis XIV - Week 70

Hey! Long time no see! I just wrote an email like three days ago, so I don't feel like too much has happened since then. I suppose we'll see what comes out when I dump out my thoughts all over the keyboard. 

So for our makeshift P-day, we went over to the Palace of Versailles. Since the inside tours aren't normally open on Mondays, we took advantage of the abnormal week's schedule. It was AMAZING. It looks pretty nice in pictures, but it's something that isn't fully taken in except in person. We'll have to go back again to appreciate all of the gardens and water fountains.

We took a train to get to Versailles, but we unknowingly bought the wrong tickets. Consequently, we were able to get on the train, but once we got to Versailles, we couldn't use our tickets to let us past the barriers at the train station. We were sitting there trying to figure out the best way to get past the barriers, when a cool French guy named 'J' came up to us. He saw our name tags and wanted the address of the church so he can come and learn about what we believe. Don't have to ask me twice! The great part of it all was that he helped us get out of the train station afterwards.

The subsequent days were filled with scanning and organizing things for the office, fixing a toilet that then re-broke 8 hours later, and teaching lessons to someone trying to sort out what he believes. We taught him how to pray for the second time, and after some encouragement, he agreed to say the closing prayer for the lesson. He prayed the best he could, and had a huge smile on his face after he finished. Go team!

Yesterday was just a normal day at church in Versailles, featuring a surprise visit from Gerald Caussé to his home ward. So, we had a general authority, the mission president, the stake presidency, and the bishopric at the meeting. They took the liberty to use a nice and complicated vocabulary to facilitate my translating into English, but it was really good. I translate at church also for all the American visitors.

Anyway, I hope you all have an exquisite Christmas filled with joy and plenty of letter-writing time to missionaries. I get to Skype with the family on Wednesday morning if any of you want to go to their house to see my face live. Also, eat plenty of food so I feel less guilty when I do the same!

Merry Christmas!

Elder Wilson

Hall of Mirrors