March 31, 2014

Mostly Naked Killer - Week 84

Happy spring! And may April Fools' day commence. We started off early by putting salt in toothbrushes and by freezing a giant spider we found into an ice cube. It's a good thing we're all on a mission together and don't have cars or internet, otherwise one of us would probably die by doing something stupid.

Well, our investigators from Mauritius Island got baptized this week! Adil and Ashna. No more last-minute hospital trips for them. Instead, we took Adil to a family home evening with us on Monday and ate a bunch of pizza with one of the families in the ward. We had another lesson with him later in the week to solidify everything, then had the service on Saturday. Of course, we took some more Polaroid pictures with Oliverson's camera right before.

Right after the baptism, we had a ward activity with a spring theme. Every family was given a color that they had to dress up in, so I was sporting a red tie, red pants, and a red jacket. Even in an informal little party, we still had fancy things like little tarts, raw salmon slices, and homemade bread.

Thursday was an exchange day with Elders in Calais, a city right on the coast facing England. We were going to wake up early to run to the ocean in hopes of seeing the UK, but we called an audible and decided we were too tired. Besides that moment of weakness, we worked hard to find some people. I spent the day with Elder Baldwin from Georgia, and we contacted a nice French mom pushing a double stroller that gave us her address to pass by later. In the evening, we walked along some houses by the shore and knocked on doors the rest of the night.

Halfway through the first street, we knocked on a door, and the man inside pulled back the curtain to see who was there. He got a bit of a disgusted look on his face, which was actually unwarranted since he was the one wearing nothing but a pair of boxers. He wasn't in the best shape of his life either, but that's beside the point. He wanted us to yell through the window to tell him what we wanted, so I did what I usually do in such a situation: I mouthed a few sentences to him through the window in hopes he would open up it. He obviously couldn't hear what I was trying to say, so he threw open the door and gestured for us to come in.

Well, we walked in and sat down right as Captain Underpants decided to feed his goldfish. By "feed his goldfish," I actually mean feed his goldfish TO a tank full of piranhas. He got so caught up in teaching us a colorful vocabulary and telling us about his complicated religious beliefs that he dropped the glass cup full of future victims, and the fish, water, and broken glass went all over the floor. We decided to teach him all about the Book of Mormon and about missionaries as he was sweeping up the mess underneath the table, crawling between our legs, throwing dead fish in the tank, and serving us Coca Cola. He may not have agreed to be baptized, but he may or may not be accountable anyway. 

After getting out of the goldfish massacre house, Elder Baldwin and I laughed to ourselves, kept knocking on doors, then stumbled upon an old German beach bunker at the end of the street on the shore. We decided to storm the place, see if there was anything inside, then got back to knocking.

We got back home from Calais on Friday morning, then ended up going to Belgium twice over the weekend. A good number of members in our ward live in Belgium, so we went up to teach a lesson to a sweet unbaptized little child and then to an older lady who fed us some dinner and Belgian chocolates.

Other than that, Elder Oliverson and I have just been having a grand ol' time putting flyers in mailboxes, talking to people, and teaching up a storm.

There's the latest for you! This week is going to be crazy with trips to Paris, Valenciennes and Belgium as well as General Conference to top off the week. Hopefully we'll fit in a lesson or two in between there.


Elder Wilson