April 28, 2014

I'm a Bouncer at a Club, and I'm a Mormon - Week 88

I'm baaaaaack! Back at the internet café on computer 16 running XP with middle eastern men yelling outside.

Well, mother informs me that I've got less than 100 days left, which is a ton compared to Walton's few weeks. We've been waking up early to go running so we can both improve our boyish figures and have a nice little chat every morning. We found a huge public ropes course thing one morning, which we definitely took advantage of. The sign says that the course is for ages 6 and up, but that thing has got to be at least 25 feet high. I just wouldn't let MY 6 year old go on that thing.

Well, Sunday was a fantastic day at church, and we had four (count 'em ... FOUR) investigators come. The first was "J", who's progressing towards possibly being baptized by the end of May. After that came "H" and "D" with their daughter, the perfect little French family that we're teaching. We're going to teach them at a member family's house on Friday. A fourth guy that Oliverson and I taught a month ago and haven't seen since snuck in the back at the beginning of the meeting unnoticed, and everyone was looking. We have some sweet people.

Earlier in the week, "J" came with us to a member family's house for a sushi night. Elder Tai and I scouted out the Chinese store a few days before, bought everything we needed, and prepared the rice and seaweed. We rolled and cut out a big platter of the stuff, then had a really great lesson afterward. We ate enough to be in a rice coma until the following morning, when all four of us Elders got on a train to help out a member family with a move. They live in a NICE place on the outside of Lille, and we worked at tossing all their furniture out the window. We basically covered everything in bubble wrap and dropped it down to people below, who threw it into the truck. We were a pretty efficient bunch.

Wednesday was a zone conference of sorts with the 22 missionaries of the Lille zone, and we all met up at the church. The training mostly involved smashing people's hands with cans of beans to prove a point. Coincidentally, a man in our ward was also filming a fake sacrament meeting that same day for a French church video, so we had to awkwardly have the conference while being as quiet as possible. We got locked in the room a few times while they were shooting scenes in the hallway, but it turned out alright. The guy who's directing it originally asked if I could be an English bouncer at a breakdance club (hey, I look like one, okay?), but I had to turn him down because of the filming times. The other Elders are even teaching two security guards who could have taught me how to rough people up, but oh well.

Elder Tai and I passed by an old investigator from the area book this week. He's really nice and is apparently living off the money he made by being a soccer player for some French professional team. Whether he actually played professional ball or not, we went bowling today and all I've gotta say is that I have some serious potential as a professional bowler. I almost scored 100 in a single game, so watch out.

Whelp, time to get out of here. Thanks for listening in on my life, and I hope you all have a fantastic week.

Elder Wilson