July 01, 2013

Getting Hit By a Bus - Week 45

Well, the bi-annual soldes are once again in full swing, and I took full advantage last week. I got 10 ties for around 15 euros. Success! Sorry mom, I had to. Too cheap to pass up. Maybe they were extra cheap because skinny ties take up less fabric.

Monday night, we went to family home evening with the young single adults and played volleyball ... missionaries vs. everyone else. Even with Elder Smith and I in ties, the sisters in skirts and fewer people on our team, we won. No big deal or anything, but we're just super awesome.

We FINALLY moved into the new apartment on Wednesday, which was a little crazy. As of Tuesday night at 8:30, we still had to pack all of our belongings, clean the old apartment, move everything to the new apartment, get enough food for four people, and build five tables, two bookcases, four beds, eight chairs and two dressers, while at the same time getting Elder Smith to Reims and picking up the three new Elders moving into the apartment. We had less than 24 hours to get it done, but everything eventually worked out. Life just never slows down!

Elder Wood, my new companion, finally got to Brussels on Wednesday afternoon (his trip was a bit less eventful than my trips to Brussels have been) and after making the apartment habitable, we got to work. We found a few cool people this week, including a guy who let us in to pray with him while we were knocking on doors in a 16-story apartment building. We also passed by a less-active family, and they let us in to talk to them. The father said that it's been nine years since the missionaries have been over or since they've had contact with the church, and he was pretty happy to see us. He asked us when the soonest time was that we could come back and requested that we show him where the chapel is so he can come to church on Sunday. Fingers crossed.

Do you remember the story from three weeks ago about the guy named 'D'? He was the one who stopped us on the street and asked us to pray for him. Well, it just so happens that the less-active father who wants us to come back is 'D's father. Crazy! We realized it when comparing addresses. 'D's address looked familiar, and sure enough, he lives there with the less-active parents. It's probably just a sign that he's going to join the church.

We gave a blessing to one of the sisters' investigators this week, and she basically knows everything already. She spent 15 minutes telling us all the ways that God has prepared her for the missionaries and about how the sisters found her. The sisters knocked on this investigator's door and her little children answered. They asked the kids if any parents were home, and the children said that they were too busy. Rejected, the sisters left and started walking down the street for a few minutes to go home, when one of the little children came sprinting back to catch them. "WAIT! My mom needs to talk to you!" The sisters turned around and made their way back to the door, where the soon-to-be investigator was waiting. "Come in, I need to hear your message." One thing led to another, and now three weeks later, she's on the way to baptism.

There's the week for you. I hope yours has been good as well!

Elder Wilson

PS: The title had nothing to do with the email. It was purely to get your attention. I didn't actually get hit by a bus. I hope none of you are disappointed. You had better not be.