July 08, 2013

Going Swimming (shhh ... don't tell) and Free Concert Tickets - Week 46

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! I do love America ever so much. On the morning of the 4th, Elder Davis, Elder Player, Elder Wood and I all got together in the apartment, put little American flags everywhere, and said the Pledge of Allegiance while facing America. It took a decent amount of effort to figure out what direction America was. At one point, all of us were pointing in a different direction and debating with each other why America was facing the direction of our finger. 

"Well, if you calculate from the direction that the sun sets and rises, it's definitely that way."

"Actually, judging from the moss on the trees, it should be that way."

"No, no. You're both wrong. Just look at the map of Brussels. America is for sure in that direction."

We were about to make a makeshift boy scout compass when we finally figured it out. Just for the record, -cough- I was right -cough-

And so it was that we celebrated the birth of our nation. Unintentionally, we actually had a sort of fireworks display as well. It went a little like this:

"...indivisible, with liberty, and justice for all."

It was silent for a brief second, then Elder Player noticed something.

"Hey guys ... do you hear that?"

We followed the sound to the kitchen, where our sink drain was overflowing with water and liquid was flooding from the counter and pipes onto the ground. Oops. Missionaries aren't allowed to go swimming, but we got soaked nonetheless. 

Not knowing what to do, we just started using buckets to try to get rid of the half inch layer of water on the floor and stop the flooding. In the middle of the madness, I called the senior couple to get some backup ASAP. They didn't answer, so I left a message:

"Hi, Elder Okelberry. It's Elder Wilson. I just wanted to call and wish you a happy fourth of July and hope you're able to celebrate. Oh, and also, if you wanted to know, I thought I could mention that our kitchen is completely overflowing with water and flooding the apartment and we'd like your professional opinion so it would be nice if you could come over as soon as you get this okay. Thanks. Bye. See you soon I hope."

A few hours, mops, towels and a visit from a plumber later, we once again had our apartment in a livable condition. Go America! That was the most entertaining morning I've had in a while!

On a different note, last Monday after a lesson with a man from Ghana, he stopped us at the door and handed us two energy drinks. "Take these for the road!" That began a trend of getting free things that continued throughout the week. This last Saturday was the best.

We started the day by going over to visit a recent convert in our ward named Owen, who graciously gave me a free USB flash drive for my photos. What a nice guy. On the way to our next lesson, we got a call from the senior couple informing us that they bought us a new refrigerator that will be delivered this next week. With the promise of new kitchen appliances, we waltzed into our lesson with an investigator named 'M', who took us to a Middle Eastern restaurant and bought us dinner.

During the course of the meal, he mentioned that his sister is going to be singing in a church gospel concert soon, and he called up his friend in charge of the event to get us free concert tickets. Score. After teaching our last lesson of the day, the investigator's family gave us some bananas to take home. Upon arriving back at the apartment, we found that the senior couple had come over earlier in the day and brought over some new curtains for the apartment. We should celebrate every 6th of July with a flood of free things. (pun intended. ha.)

And that's the latest and greatest from the land up north. I hope you all lit off a few extra fireworks in my honor, because we weren't allowed to.

Stay classy!

Elder Wilson


A picture of Brussels for you