April 08, 2013

Black Pancakes - Week 33

Well, Elder Hunter is dead, and I killed him. One point for Elder Wilson. He's on the other side now, hanging out with his family and friends over in California. Right before he went home, we went around and visited families in the branch so he could say goodbye. As a bit of background information, Elder Hunter is known for his unnatural ability to be given gifts by EVERYONE. His suitcases are full of things like crocodile skin belts, French shirts, and cologne that people have given him throughout his mission. So, with Elder Hunter's talent of receiving gifts, our tour around the city to say goodbye soon turned into a tour around the city to collect presents and precious family heirlooms. I don't know how he does it, and I'm still working on figuring it out. My current theory is hypnosis. As Elder Hunter was packing his suitcases for the last time, he found out that he had been given so many gifts throughout the course of his mission that he had to leave some things behind. I was there to help him out, of course, and was the recipient of a good number of cool things.

As a replacement, I have Elder Meissner, the Austrian. Not only does Elder Meissner speak German, but he is also a singer. Multi-talented, huh? He was part of a famous Vienna Boys' Choir and has traveled around the world to sing. So maybe by the end of the transfer, I'll not only be able to speak German, but I'll be able to sing German. It doesn't even have to be in German; I'd be content if Elder Meissner just taught me how to sing.

Yesterday was General Conference, and we were able to get our district together to watch it in English. We got to sprawl out on leather couches and eat cookies and chocolate chip pancakes both during and in between the sessions. It was a great couple of days, though I found out that my pancake-making skills need a bit of a refresher. The other Elders didn't quite buy my excuse that the reason why the pancakes were black was because I added a lot of expensive chocolate.

Well, there's not too much more to say, so you'll be getting a shorter email this week. Just know that we're knocking on doors, teaching lessons, and crossing our fingers for more miracles.

Happy Monday,

Elder Wilson

Missionary PEEPS that my Mom made and sent me for Easter.

Elder Hunter and I with Ginger the rabbit.