April 15, 2013

Lumberjacks for the Day - Week 34

Good morning, world! I hope the weather in America has been as nice as it is in France. Time to say goodbye to the suit jackets and umbrellas. 

This last Wednesday was quite the crazy day. Let's review.

Elder Meissner had a medical appointment at a hospital in his old area, so we got on a train and sped at 300 km/hour to Paris. The train got in an hour or two before the appointment, so we had some time to see a few things on our way to the hospital. We walked past the Louvre, Place de la Concorde and the Eiffel Tower, taking some pictures en route. Then, we went off to the hospital. I don't know how Elder Meissner is such a popular guy in the French hospital, but he walked in there like he owned the place and knew a good amount of doctors and nurses that worked there. 

Anyway, he had his appointment, we grabbed lunch while waiting for the results, and came back to find out he had to get a blood transfusion. We weren't anticipating that he would have to get that done, and we missed our train back home while we were waiting there in the hospital. The tickets are usually exchangeable, so Elder Meissner finished his medical stuff and we raced through the Paris metro to get to the train station. I seem to have an unusual habit of needing to sprint through the metros to catch a train. Anyway, we got there and waited in line for a half an hour, only to find out that we had barely missed the deadline for exchanging the ticket. So, we were stuck in the middle of Paris at the train station with no way home and no way to purchase another return ticket.

After thinking for a minute, I called the zone leaders in Paris and told them to sprint to the train station as fast as possible so that they could buy us tickets. They have a mission credit card in their possession. They agreed to try and 20 minutes later, they ran in the station, dripping wet from the rain... just in time to watch the last remaining train to Nancy pull away from the station. So, we were stuck again, with no trains left for the day and nowhere to stay the night. Luckily, the Mandarin-speaking Elders in Paris were nice enough to let us stay with them until the next train in the morning.

We eventually made it back home, and I went on an exchange with good ol' Elder Oliverson from the MTC. He's the man. We went to a member's house to do service, and he took us into a dense forest in the middle of nowhere. From out of the back of his car, he pulled out a chainsaw, and we spent the next three hours cutting down wood and stacking it into piles. We felt so manly being lumberjacks for the afternoon with nothing to do except cut some wood. Too bad we forgot our plaid shirts and our beards at home.

Welp, time's up. I hope everyone enjoys the marvelous springtime, and I'll see ya next week.

Elder Wilson

Thank heaven for Elder Oliverson!